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Criteria for the Neighborhood Hero Award

  1.  Lawn maintained and neat
  2. Color: elements of horticulture present including but not limited to flowers, beds, shrubs, decorative trees, and other enhancing elements will be scored. Both front and back yards will be considered if viewable.
  3. Improvements to facade of residence will be considered.
  4. Landscaping must be residents own work.
  5. Before and After photos may indicate the degree of work done, but are not mandatory.
  6. All exterior finishes should be in good condition.
  7. Artificial flowers are a disqualification.
  8. No commercial signage viewable.
  9. Gutters and roof in good condition.
  10. Self nominations encouraged
  11. Winning nominees will be asked to grant permission for photos, press releases, and agree to appear before City Council on the specified date.
  12. Honorees will receive a declarative yard sign and a framed certificate to keep.
  13. Honorees will be named in a City Council resolution recognizing their pride in the city.
  14. All nominations should be submitted by June 30.
  15. Nominations should be made by email to projectacclaim@gmailcom