Neighborhood Heroes

Neighborhood Hero Program

Project Acclaim, in partnership with the City of Joliet, sponsors the Neighborhood Hero Award Program to recognize those who take pride in their property and therefore their neighborhood and City. Neighborhood Hero Award honorees have outstanding yards with maintained lawns that include flowers, shrubs and decorative trees. Neighbord Heroes have labored intensely to create visual beauty at their property. The object of the program also is to encourage other residents to improve their property and beautify the city of Joliet. 

Award recipients recieve a yard sign that proudly states that they are a Neighborhood Hero. This year, this sign was delivered to the recipient by a Joliet City Council member. In addition, recipients were also recognized at the August 20th City Council and received a signed proclamation recognizing their efforst from the Mayor of Joliet.  

The 2020 Nomination Round will open in May 2020. Nominate someone by emailing a statement of why the property should be nominated to

The 2016 Honorees (Joliet)



Maria Costilla of 221 Sherman St., Joliet                              

Property of Kay and LeRoy Pemble of 601 N. Center St., Joliet

Property of Refugio and Evelia Alcantar at 608 E. Jackson        

Peter and Judy Valek of 5 S. Midland Ave., Joliet

St. Joliet


Val and Anna Vrinceanu of 601 N. Chicago St., Joliet        

Noel and Gloria Reyes of 218 Henderson, Joliet

Mark Donahue of 100 Park Drive, Joliet

Michael and Eileen O'Connor of 2411 Black Rd. Joliet


Linda Madding of 713 Oneida St., Joliet

Property of Cecilio and Maria Cisneros of 222 Henderson, Joliet

Barbara and Nicolas Caire of 1209 N. May St., Joliet

Barb Brixey of 805 Campbell St., Joliet

Agnes Limacher of 1520 Glenwood Ave., Joliet

2017 Honorees (Joliet)

Joan and Dennis Hadley, 1221 Kenore Street

Terry Taylor, 1105 West Park Street

Ronnie and Linda Robinson, 1311 John Street

Patty Martin, 901 Fisk St.

Crusz Rodriguez, 1750 Black Road

Raymond and Darlene Fagan, 705 Sanctuary Lane

Ester and Joan Rodriguez, 4323 ODonohue St.

Jean and Wally Burzawa, 4325 ODonohue St.

Tom and Diane Watson, 1602 Timberline Drive

Elfego and Sonia Moreno, 314 Eastern Avenue

Nick and Kathy Macris, 22 South Midland Avenue

Manuel Lopez 1320 Clement Street

Rich and Mary Streitz, 307 Meadow Wood Drive

Janyne Rivera, 826 Vine Street

Sheri and Jim Confer, 235 Westport Drive

Neil and Marsha Jolly 902 Cora Street

2017 Honorees (Crest Hill)

Tim and Karen Matuszewski, 1925 Ardaugh Ave.

Kelly Radwan, 2251 Green Street

Roger Aguirre, 2433 Waterford Drive

Joe and Nancy Pesavento, 1612 Clement Street

Linda Nichols, 2013 Crestwood Drive

Pero and Edna Gvero, 16423 Kingsbrook Drive

Tita Mesiona, 21343 Prestwick Drive

Michelle Hinds, 21449 Carleton Street

Ronald and Rita Tondini, 1604 Heiden Avenue

Matt and Wanda Seffner, 1716 Barthelone Avenue

Bob and Mary Shogar, 21143 Lilly Lake Lane

2018 Honorees (Joliet)

Araceli Hernandez, 1300 Briargate Street

John and Mary Lou Baskerville, 1114 Oregon Street

Toni and John Muren, 1106 Clara Street

Betty Cran, 911 Sudbury Drive

Judy Bernoteit, 1104 May Street

Barbara and Steve Eberhard, 715 Williams Street

Maricela DelToro, 1505 Burry Street

Carol Corona, 517 Irene Street

Brian and Kathy McHugh, 1103 Black Road

Jesus Quintana, 1009 Edgerton Street

Ken and Linda Grisham, 1309 Williams Street

2018 Honorees (Crest Hill)

Joe Lavazza, 1821 Lincoln Avenue

Cruz Jamarillo, 2222 Greengold Street

Frank and Kunigunde Piazza, 2302 Greengold Street

Rich and Debbie Schiable, 2112 Lynwood Street

Lee Kon, 1720 Lynwood Street

Bob and Kay Wason, 1704 Lynwood Street

Delfino Carbajal, 1601 Cora Street

Michael Kolodziej, 1801 Barthelone Street

Jack and Karen Wood, 1820 Lincoln Street

Alfredo and Angelica Garcia 1805 Wilcox Street

Kurt and Mary Lou Fischer, 1901 Root Street

Barbara and Wayne Thomas, 1837 Willow Creek Circle Drive

2018 Honorees (Shorewood)

Kenneth and Anna Brown, 800 Shorewood Drive

Gary and Denise Colbert, 1008 Country Drive

Lee Sanders, 1105 Country Drive

Bob and Shawn Manos, 1005 South Raven Street

Ericka Martinez, 309 South Raven Street

Cathy and Thomas Amos, 304 Cambridge Lane

Edward and Rhonda Luevano, 802 Dover Way

Daniel Nunez, 814 Shorewood Drive

Steve Ramsdell, 1124 Ranchwood Drive